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Solar On/Off Grid Panels

Our range of top notch solar panels will serve you its purpose while saving you some bucks off that lengthy electricity bill. You can choose between either our lines of on grid solar panels or off grid solar panels. To make a swift and reasonable shift towards solar panels, one needs to compare and select the alternative reasonably. Save yourself some homework for our executives will break it down for you – one panel at a time.

Solar Charged Controllers

Batteries tend to overcharge and overheat making you make amends that drill a hole in your waller. We have got that covered though, for our line of solar charge controllers effectively prevent your precious batteries from overcharging and prohibits reverse current too. Our controllers fruitfully transmit the power from the solar panels to the batteries thereby prolonging your battery life.

Smart Inverters

The buzz of the market is energy efficiency and smart inverters are the way to go. Enjoy an uninterrupted lifestyle with your state of the art smart inverters which will effectively disperse the generated energy effectively across your Distributed Energy Resources/ DER.

UPS Generators

A good business never has a halt. Power cuts and surges can affect your business to an extent that one might be in the brink of overload and lose all data. Improper shutdowns do an impeccable damage and no wise businessman in his senses will afford this. Our alternatives of UPS/ Generator systems will save you trouble during such pressing times to have your business run uninterrupted and smooth.

Solar Geysers

It has never been unwise of anyone to save power. Solar power being the best foot one can put forward is an even better option. Our high quality solar geysers have been equipped with stainless steel, vacuum tubes of glass and freeze protection to keep your shower warm even when the temperature drops below 0°C.

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Why compromise in doubtful grounds when you can scrutinize what you hold dear with our tech savvy omnipresent eyes?

Climate change is real and we're all in towards doing our bit by going green in whichever way possible to reduce the carbon footprint.

It's a contemporary world, and a bit of style coupled with coming of age technology has never in history spoiled the course of events.

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