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LED Video Wall

LED video walls are a booming phenomenon in the market today. Be it customer engagement or innovative branding and marketing, LEDs are a very smart choice. You’ll be reducing a large amount of economic and carbon waste for you wouldn’t need to drop those paper banners time and again as LEDs are a one time investment.

Smart TVs

Your phones shouldn’t be the only smart technology at your disposal. Smart TVs today is a lifestyle that let you access the vast resources of the internet while giving you advanced features and better processing compared to your old school television set.

Smart Kiosk Systems

Smart KIOSK systems are hi-tech stand alone booths ideal to endorse your business. Smart KIOSKs are a versatile tecnology for they can be used for a diversed range of projects be it information distribution panels, interactive activities like delivering directions, ticketing, retailing or booking solutions.

Smart Signage Solutions

The high definition and enhanced contrast ratios, our range of smart signage is literally a smart venture to pertain in your business. With absolutely zero additional devices of media, you’ll be zeroing down on maintenance costs. Our energy efficient and easy to install smart signage solutions will set your business a class apart.

Wall Signage Displays

The thing about wall signage displays is that they give you ten times larger client or audience interaction compared to conventional banner based content endorsement options. Apart from being cost effective and environment friendly, these products pose versatility be it high definition display or touch interactivity.

3D Projectors

The two dimensional projections on screen have been done and dusted. Businesses today are opting for 3D projectors instead to amplify their experience of viewing media. With real time animation with a sense of depth in three dimension, there’s no turning away from this world class cinematic experience.

Way Finder Systems

Way finder systems are an excellent resources for the clients to dynamically engage with the location on a first hand basis. To add to the real time geographic content, way finder systems are loaded with business tools like digital advertisement boards as well.

Outdoor Videowalls

The conventional banners for advertisement are an age old approach that exhausts natural resources including your financial resources at the cost of very minimum durability. Outdoor videowalls are a one time investment coupled with high definition and excellent contrast ratios fetching you optimum audience interaction.

Smart Classrooms

Interactive smart classrooms provide an ideal arena to go in depth with scientific explanations or provide actual footages of history to give a wholesome learning experience. The audio visual systems are accompanied by audience response devices, specialized listening devices and attendance systems.

Electronic Shelf Labels

Electric shelf labels are an innovative experience for buyers. These goods are environment friendly while providing a wholesome experience for clients in your business. They are packed up with features like QR code scanning, customer reviews and ratings, stock level display, online price browsing and absolutely zero human error.


Unlike other digital devices, e papers mimic the feel of actual ink on paper. Naturally it’s easier on the eyes for it doesn’t emit blue light in contrast to other media devices.These paper like goods are cost effective and extremely low on power consumption too.

Commercial Display

Coming of age thermal conductivity for minimum heat dissipation and maximum outputs, commercial displays last two times more than the contemporary conventional displays in the market. Be it landscape or portrait, our range of commercial displays are packed with durability, USB clonning option, cost effective and mukti IR function.

Smart Tablets

Smart tablets are the current word of the market thanks to their high yielding statistics in contrast to laptops. Tablets are portable and light weight, they are excellent for note taking specially with e-textbooks. The tablets are a smart investment that let its user have an innovative personalized approach to his data.

Access Management Systems

Access management systems are a very efficient and secured business tool for flourishing businesses. They are a cost effective tool to monitor and manage the access to files and data, thereby shunning away any risk of security threats and breaches.

Private Broadcasting Solutions

The pressing times of social distancing has sky rocketed the utility of private broadcasting solutions. Far apart from the conversational limited access video conference calls, private broadcasting solutions come with features of geographic restrictions and payment security with lower traffic and cloud management services.

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